Adult Kickboxing

Adult Kickboxing

Freestyle kickboxing for anyone aged 14+...

Lessons held for complete beginners to advanced.

The hardest part is walking through the door that first time. For a free enjoyable experience, call today for your introduction lesson.

The Adults Kickboxing can be done just for the fitness and self defense side or why not set yourself a goal of achieving a Black Belt in Kickboxing, working your way through the belts as you improve.

In the Kickboxing classes you will have a mix of high energy warm ups, flexibility work, basic to advanced boxing drills, all your martial arts kicking on bags and pads, two man drills (Self Defense) and circuit training. Optional sparring is available for more advanced members. Learn Kickboxing at the largest martial arts studio in the North East in a fun and friendly environment.
Belt testing in the adults class is completely optional. Beginners and advanced classes are not split by belt rank, only by what level you and your instructor feel you are.
However, if you would like to belt test, we encourage you to do so.
For more information on belts and belt testing, please see our FAQs.

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