Stephen Savage - Instructor

Stephen Savage

"I have been training in kickboxing, karate and martial arts for many years, starting as a child at the age of 7. I got back into martial arts seriously from the age of 17 competing at a high level all over England. At 21 I started my own club and have been teaching children and adults since. At the age of 25 I decided to improve myself as an instructor and teacher by reading a variety of material on teaching and also having professional martial arts teacher training from some of the top coaches from the USA and UK. Learning these new skills has not only benefited myself but the students of Universal Martial Arts; watching them grow and excel gives me satisfaction as what I am teaching the children is helping them in a healthy and positive way."

Assistants and Junior Team

The Junior assistants are kids and young adults who have excelled in martial arts with skill, effort, attitude and enthusiasm. They help out with both the young children and people of a closer age, acting as role models to show what can be achieved with the right, can do attitude.
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