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As a combative system originating from Indonesia, Silat Sharaf is designed for simplicity and effectiveness in non-lethal and lethal force engagements.

The physical components of our curriculum, when properly applied, bear more resemblance to an armed bulldozer than martial training tactics. The culture of the system is a smooth blend of the modern and traditional: Guns, knives, and sticks are all our friends. The curriculum is also flexible and can adapt to situations demanding low levels of force or verbal command alone, making it an effective option in civilian settings or military settings.

Functionality, adaptability, modernity and strategic thinking are the main ingredients that make Silat Sharaf one of the best choices for real-world combatives training.
The Mission of Silat Sharaf is to develop Martial Strategists, not technical experts. Silat Sharaf transforms from being the external training you do to the internal person you are by engineering the system into your daily life rather than at timed training slots throughout the week. The system helps you to grow and succeed in your life by implanting a warrior mindset into your mind and body, you will gain a personal experience that will impact you and all those around you in a positive way. Silat Sharaf basically trains you in Martial Strategy, Mind-Body Conditioning, Close-Quarter Combatives and Street Smart Self-Defence. 

Cikgu Manny is the team leader of Silat Sharaf Tactical UK. He is a trained Close-protection specialist, bouncer and expert in Sharaf edged-weapons and close-quarter combative. Manny has dedicated himself to the Silat Sharaf system and worked tirelessly to improve himself and his students through continual martial education and research.

Main classes:
Saturdays 1:30pm
Sundays 11:45am

7-week Ladies course starting 13th/14th January:
Saturdays 11:45am - 1:15pm
Sundays 10:00am - 11:30am

Contact details (Silat):

To find out more about Silat, please visit the Facebook page. Here updates will be posted and any questions you have can be answered.
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