Kids Karate

Kids Karate

Karate for kids aged 7-13 years old...

Our children's karate classes are for children aged 7 to 13 years of age

Our training programs are a lot more than just kicking and punching

All classes are aimed on teaching self discipline and respect, while also building confidence, gaining fitness and having fun.

Our training programs are mentally and physically stimulating, with clear goals set. Classes are designed for students' current skill and stages, keeping them challenged. This builds extra confidence, fitness and self defense, promoting success in both school and life.
The kids classes are separated by belt rank.
Kids - "Black Belt Club" (White/Yellow/Orange/Green):
      Kids classes take place at an earlier time. These times can be viewed on our timetable. 
Advanced Kids
    - "Masters" (Blue/Purple/Red/Red-Stripe Black)
    - "Excellence" (Brown/Brown-Stripe White/Brown-Stripe Black/Brown-Split Black/Black-Stripe White/Black)
         Both Masters and Excellence classes are part  of the Advanced Kids group, and their classes take place at the same time, directly after the        -    Kids classes. These times can be viewed on our timetable. 
For more information on belts and belt testing, please see our FAQs.

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