What age groups do you teach?

There is a 4-6 year old class called Little Dragons. After graduating from there, the Kids/Advanced Kids classes will teach anyone aged 7-13. Anyone aged 14 + will be enrolled into our adults kickboxing classes.

Do you have to have done a martial art before?

No! Not at all. We have a range of lessons from beginner to advanced. Once you have tried our lessons, we will agree on the best level for you to start at.

What can I wear to train?

Initially, anything you feel comfortable in. However, we do offer a uniform for those who would like to become long-term members.

How often can I train?

As many times as you like from the lessons available Monday to Saturday, recommended 2 or 3 lessons each week.

When are the classes?

There is a list of classes on our timetables page, where the timetable can be viewed and downloaded.

Do I need special equipment?

For most classes, the only personal equipment used is boxing gloves. These can be borrowed from us, or if you wish to buy a pair of your own, we also offer pairs for purchase.
In the sparring/sport sword classes, there will be pads/visors/padded swords used. Again, if you wish to take part in these classes all of this equipment can be initially borrowed (except gum shields). Later if you want to purchase your own sets of these items you can get them from us.

What are forms?

Forms are set sequences of moves that are part of the curriculum in the Kids and Advanced Kids classes; they are used to demonstrate good technique.
In the time before a belt test (~1 month away) the class is tested on their form. If they know it well enough then they are 'tagged' and can take part in the belt test. This is done so that if the belt tester is nervous during the actual belt test and don't perform their best, then there is indication that they have performed it to the correct standard previously.
Those who do forms must have completed the form and been tagged in order to take part in a belt test.
When your child first joins, the rest of the class may be halfway through learning a form - this is fine, they don't need to start learning it immediately. However, after each belt test the class will start learning a new form from scratch, and at this point, if they haven't already, they can start learning the form with them.

What are belt tests?

For the kickboxing and karate classes, you can choose to take part in belt tests. Belt tests occur every three months and allow you or your child to progress through the different belts, with an end goal of reaching black belt.
In order to partake in belt tests, the participant must have:
    - attended at least 21 classes between the current test and the last
    - completed the karate form for their class and been tagged (Kids and Advanced Kids only)
    - completed and handed in the paper form (forms can be handed in up to and on the day of testing)
If they have fulfilled this criteria then the participant will take part in the test, which is in a longer session than usual, and will aim to demonstrate progress in all the areas they have covered during classes (boxing, kicks, mixed combinations, fitness, etc.). At the end of the test, provided they have shown commitment and tried their best, they will be awarded with the next belt.
Belt tests usually take place at these times (times may be subject to change):
    - Little Dragons - Saturday 10:00am
    - Kids - Saturday 11:30am
    - Advanced Kids - Saturday 1:30pm
    - Beginners Adults - Thursday 6:40pm
    - Advanced Adults - Sunday 10:00am
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